Graduate Record Examination

Crack one of the most sought after global competitive tests to enter the institution of your dreams.
Top Features
  • GRE is a requirement for US postgraduate programs.
  • The ETS administers the GRE.
  • GRE consists of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing sections.
  • GRE assesses skills acquired over time, unrelated to specific subjects.

Who should take the GRE?

Admission to postgraduate programs in the US requires passing the GRE. You'll probably need to take the GRE if you're applying to graduate school.

Training for GRE at Aerostar Overseas

  • Aerostar Overseas offers comprehensive GRE training.
  • Utilises online and offline learning modules.
  • Provides exam-simulated mock tests.
  • Faculty members specialise in Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning.
  • Students consistently achieve outstanding GRE scores.

We have qualified trainers to assist you in achieving your study abroad goal!

Experienced Faculties

Experienced and well-trained faculties with extensive subject knowledge, always striving to impart the best training and provide the right guidance.


Aerostar Overseas envisions providing comprehensive training to students through diverse content options. Our approach combines classroom instruction with hardcopy books, online resources, and live video training. Each student receives personalised portal access, recognizing their unique needs. We strive to offer flexibility and convenience, enabling convenient studying. Our dedicated trainers are readily available in person and over the phone, ensuring continuous guidance and support.

Portal for Aerostar Overseas Prep

Unique access is given to all students for accessing content. Live video class adds to your preparation.

Mock exams

It is important to be well-prepared in order to achieve the best results. We offer mock tests so that you can practise before the actual exam. This not only helps you score higher but also gives you a better perspective on the exam. It is a crucial part of your exam preparation.

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