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Questions and Answers

What types of accommodations are available for international students?

Can an International student rent an apartment abroad?

International students can rent apartments in their chosen city for study, as long as they can present evidence of their income or a guarantor who can take responsibility for their finances.

What can the accommodations cost abroad?

Accommodation charges generally depend on your choice of accommodation, its location, duration, and local renting norms.

How is housing help provided by Aerostar overseas?

Aerostar Overseas helps students by guiding, supporting and directing them to the best and affordable accommodations.

Can Students Use The Services For Housing Only With Aerostar Overseas?

Yes, you can only use our accommodation services. However, you are under no obligation to choose any of our additional services.

Can you change your student accommodation?

Yes, you can change your accommodation. However it depends on your reason for why you need to change/ relocate. Also, if you have chosen to rent and live privately, then you may have to break the contract.