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Student Visa Application Assistance: We guide and support you in securing your student visa, ensuring a successful study abroad experience. Expert guidance for meeting diverse visa requirements, verifying documents, and demonstrating financial capability for your chosen destination.

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Gathering Student Documents

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Applying for Study Abroad

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Preparing for Study Abroad Interview

Canadian Permanent Residency

We assist with Canada's Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) and Fast Entry Visas, offering skilled workers the opportunity to immigrate. Secure your backup plan today.

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Refusals of Student Visas

We can assist you in reapplying for your student visa if it is denied, After completing your studies in Canada, you can seek permanent residency, and we can help you with that as well.
Our visa specialists will Recognize the rejection's rationale (there are more than 40!) We will go over your choices with you, including potential visa alternatives. Choose the visa option that best suits your needs and submit your application. Handle your transcripts and student records, if applicable (if needed) Apply once again at the visa office

Questions and Answers

What are student visas?

Do i need to show proof of funds for visa approval?

Yes, you will need to show a proof of your financial capabilities / funds for visa approval. Let’s say, if you are applying for Canada, you will need to pay $10,000CAD as a part of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) to suffice your cost of living for the first year of your studies abroad.

How much can a student visa cost?

The cost of a student visa highly depends on The country you wish to go to, the country of your origin, the type of visa you are applying for, your life experience, and your educational background.

How long are student visas valid?

Student visas are averagely valid for up to five years.